January 13, 2012

Thanks for the Inspiring Week!

Although we’re only 13 days into 2012, I feel like my confidence is already markedly improved from just a month ago. It’s pretty incredible what we’re capable of when we believe in ourselves. In these first sparkly new days of the new year I’ve met one of my favorite bloggers, learned a whole heck-of-a-lot about Photoshop and even (gulp!) helped other people learn the program a bit better as well. I’ve made new connections, reached out to new people and really tried for the things that I want. And lo and behold, good, fun things started happening. Exciting things started happening : )

So this is a post to just say: thank you. Thank you, sweet reader, for believing in me and believing in yourself. For seeing each day not for it’s limitations but for it’s possibilities. For celebrating that which we find in ourselves and each other; that spark of creativity, courage and connection.

When I was in my mom’s office once, I saw a quote on her desk next to a photograph of a beautiful forest that read, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” –Anais Nin. I’ve felt the truth in that statement resonate so clearly in the past few days—as you expand your circle, your knowledge, your realm of thinking, so too does the world around you. The more you say “yes!” instead of saying “no”, the more the world opens to you, revealing new doors and new places you never dreamed you’d see. So, here’s to saying “yes!” in 2012—to being open to the world and to our own limitless possibility.

{P.S. ocean photo}


  • Kelley  / 

    Ana – I am firm believer in not letting a kind word go unsaid and with that being said . . . I want you to know that you were the one who inspired me to take the plunge and contact Chelsea, those many months ago. Some scoffed my idea of plunging into a redesign of my blog/site, because I am still so lacking in the technical side of my photography, but alas, I never listen to those naysayers anywho. I just knew that I needed a change and I needed to refocus my direction in the new year.

    My point is . . . you inspired me to just go for it and I’ll be launching my new blog/site over the weekend. I have you and Chelsea to thank! So, thank you for your encouraging words and for showing me the way via Grown-up Shoes. All my best to you and your goals in the new year; I know you’ll be accomplishing every single one of them and I can’t wait to see you do so.



  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Eeeeeeeep—Kelley that is SO exciting! I cannot wait to see the new site : ) Will you email me when it’s live? So, so happy that you are pursuing what you love most.


    PS: We need to work on some projects together in the new year!


  • Kelley  / 

    Oh, I promise that I’ll send it to you when it’s live and cannot wait! I would love nothing more than to work on some projects with you in the new year, I would be honored! :)

    I’m a huge believer in collaboration on all levels. Can’t wait and hope you guys have a great weekend.


    P.S. We’ll be having game night soon and I definitely want you and Adam to attend – will keep you posted!


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