January 9, 2012

Where I’ve Been All Weekend

Oh, hello world! Lovely to see you again. I’ve been cramming my brain full of Photoshop knowledge at this week’s Austin Blogshop working for the super lovely and talented Bri and Angela as an intern. I had so much fun and learned so much and I want to tell you all about it later this week.  I had a blast meeting all of the incredible girls in the class while I was there! Precious and talented, every one.

I’m currently working on the Grown-Up Shoes color palette (above), which has been a total joy. Hoping to whittle it down to six to four colors although I cannot imagine parting with even one of them at the moment. One of my favorite parts of the class was discussing how important it is to choose colors and types for your brand—something I’d like to discuss a little more after the jump. So come along—especially if you’re a blogger!

I think when you’re starting out blogging, it’s really easy to emulate the blogs that you like, especially if they have like billions of readers and you’re like “I want that, too!” But here’s the thing—you get readers by being yourself. So if you’re moved to make a color palette for your own blog/business/website, do it! But if your favorite blogger’s palette includes neon pink, don’t copy her. Come up with something original, fresh and true to you. That’s what’s going to get you readers and, more importantly, what’s going to make you feel great about yourself and your work at the end of the day. You want your readers to know your style and your eye—not think “Oh, she must really love _________’s blog.”

I loved Angela’s suggestion of digging through your favorite photos, clothes, paint samples, etc. to find the colors that you turn to again and again for inspiration. Sometimes when I’m stuck in a blogging rut and I’m like “No one even reads this thing!” I think about how this blog started: as a place for me to create a space that I love with words and images. And that’s still what it is! Without Google Analytics and Comments and Updates and everything—it’s still just my space to be myself. So why would I want to use that space trying to look just like someone else?

My favorite takeaway from Blogshop {besides the new amazing technical knowledge I’m now equipped with}, was the reminder from Bri and Angela that the best thing you can do for your blog and your sanity is to be you. Because at the end of the day, that’s what you really love about every blog that’s bookmarked on your favorites bar and that you read again and again: the person writing it is true to themselves and it shines through in every photo choice, color and entry. Your blog is your chance to express your own beautiful self. And ultimately, that’s the one thing that no one else can ever copy.

{Chanel ad via Vintage Five Gallery}


  • Jennifer  / 

    You said it! I can’t wait to start playing with a new color palette for If I Must Say So. I continue to be drawn to the same neutrals and then a brighter hue here and there : ) Loving your palette so far, especially the gold and sequins.

    xo, Jennifer


  • Ashley  / 

    Yes! This sums it up SO well. I’m bookmarking this post for when I become discouraged.

    Thanks for all your help this weekend! You are so wonderful. Hope to see you again!



  • Meagan  / 

    your blog is ALL you, sweet friend. every day in every way. xo


  • krista  / 

    Thank you for being so patient this weekend! You helped me tremendously and I’m happy to report that your takeaway was my BIG takeaway as well. I’m not even sure I’ll pursue blogging, but it’s important to remember that lesson in everything you do. And I LOVE your color palette, especially the sequins! I think we discussed that at some point this weekend. Have a great week!


  • sara @ the by & by  / 

    SO TRUE. As a graphic designer (and someone who admittedly buys books by the cover) I’ve always felt that a blog’s design and color palette is a huge opportunity to initially communicate with readers. It’s really no different than building any other brand…

    And kudos on your palette – sea foam, chartreuse and rust are a couple of my personal favs! :)



  • Joanne M  / 

    Great post and so very true, sometimes it does get discouraging but you’ve just got to remember why ya started blogging!

    XO, Joanne


  • Chloe  / 

    Your color palette reminds me of this article:


    Specifically Brian Moylan’s entry.


  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Thanks for all the encouragement, y’all!

    @Ashley + Krista: It was so nice to meet y’all! Really happy to have met such an awesome group of ladies. Glad I could be of some help!

    @Chloe—that was a hilarious read. I love Brian. Thanks for posting!


  • Kelley  / 

    I’m completely diggin’ on that top color palette! It’s rare that you see those two together, but I think it suits your blog well!

    :) KD

    P.S. I’m always a HUGE fan of glitter as well. 😉


  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Thanks Kelley! I’m pretty partial to those 2 colors + glitter as well. I think they’ll make it into the final round : )


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  • Lynn  / 

    hi Ana,

    i’ve just jumped over from Bri’s blog, which is one of my faved places to explore, be inspired and learn from. you are SO lucky to be working with Bri and Angela…green jiggly jellos all over the place – seriously wow! i loved reading about your take on individuality in blogging; i’m not sure about my own direction at the moment and have been enveloping your words of wisdom.

    i’m smitten with color story you have up there, take a victory lap for sure – the colors are uber appealing and the glitter turned me into a magpie the instant i spotted it. best of lucks making the final cut!! i’m excited to subscribe to your lovely blog, so far it’s been a blast of a visit. thanks for opening up about your sometimes feelings and the haunts of “who’s even reading me”….i’ve had that too and it’s just really cool you addressed it, i don’t feel so alone, you know?!

    cheers to Blogshop and the vast array of awesome it brings forth! happy weekend to you.


  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Thanks for reading, Lynn! Love connecting with other bloggers : )


  • Tracey Chalk  / 

    Such a great post. xx Thanks. I think i needed that.


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  • Amy  / 

    I popped over from Bri’s blog and I am very pleased to have done so. What a great post. Everything you have said is so true. Thank you you for reminding me about why I started my blog.


  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Thanks for stopping by, Amy! xx


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