April 6, 2012

Do a Little Dance

Adam and I are going to another fun wedding this weekend that I’m excited about…I love weddings. So much merriment and sweetness. I’m also excited to go swimming and maybe start the second book in the Millennium Series. I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the other night and had to sleep with the kitchen light on, totally convinced that some psycho was going to come in and start tearin’ it up in my little apartment. Those books are intense! I probably checked behind the shower curtain three times in one night. Embarrassing to reflect upon in the light of day but the threat feels sooo imminent at night. I really need to stop reading thrillers until like midnight when I’m home alone. Can’t be good for the ol’ psyche.

Let’s look at some links, shall we?

My post on a Zooey Deschanel inspired ice cream party is on Camille Styles today!

Obsessed with this room that Chelsea tweeted to me this week. Peach and gold y’all. It’s m’thang. Really digging all of the simple white as well.

Did you see that I blogged for Haydee this week? That was a fun post to make!

The Tea Embassy on Rio Grande and 9th might be my new office…strawberry cream green tea in a big cozy chair makes for the happiest and most productive version of myself. Kind of looking forward to the colder months where I can close the shutters, curl up with a sweater and pretend I’m in the common room of the Griffindor Suite at Hogwart’s. Is that weird? (don’t worry, it ties into the next link nicely)

Speaking of Hogwart’s, this girl thinks she’s a wizard after getting her wisdom teeth removed and tells her mom that they need to seek revenge…

Taking my friend Clare out for a belated birthday lunch today at Hillside Farmacy on 11th Street. Have you been? It’s so cute! Their Facebook page gives you a better idea of what’s up.

Sigh. I bought this top (in the cream with black polka dots) even though I’ve been so good with my budgeting and dutifully stashing lots away for my new taxes bill. Really hoping my new (tiny) budget will help me to only buy really, really special pieces less frequently vs. buying lots and lots of cheap stuff and then selling it to Buffalo like 3 weeks later. That stops now, y’all. Any tips on saving your money for only the very best pieces? I’d love to hear.

And finally, have you watched Workaholics? We started watching it this week and I’m obsessed. Really want to be friends with those dudes. I’ve had to pace myself so I don’t blow through all ten episodes in one sitting.

Happy weekend, dears!

{PS: click on image for link to photographer}


  • Ashley  / 

    I hope you give a little review on Hillside Farmacy–I’ve been wanting to check it out!

    I totally agree with you about Workaholics. Just wait until you get to the Ninja Turtle episode, which is one of my favs.


  • Jo  / 

    Loving this round up. And that ROOM?! Amazing. Such pretty colours… And I completely agree with you about the clothes buying – I decided a while back that I wasn’t going to waste my money on cheap rubbish that gets ruined a week later. I now try and buy way less but of much better quality. It’s hard to do but totally worth it! Love that top :)
    PS it’s my first time reading your blog, only just found it and glad I did! :)


  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Ashley—Hillside was so good! Excited to share my review later this week : )

    Jo—you’re so sweet! isn’t that room incredible? happy you liked the links and thanks for stopping by : )


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