October 16, 2012

Easy DIY: Gold-Dipped Barstools

DIY Gold-Dipped Barstools | Grown-up Shoes

(Layout + all photos by Grown-up Shoes; stool from Target)

When I say I’m not a crafter, it’s not an affliction of false modesty. In my seventh grade Texas History class at Kealing Junior High, I sewed my quilt square inside out (dammit). The highpoint of my crafting career was probably when, as a child with my friend Lilly, I gathered a handful of acorns, sprayed them with perfume, wrapped them in tissue paper and tried to sell them to adult neighbors as potpourri. One man gave us quarter to go away (seriously).

I’m in awe of people who can see a crappy old table and make it into a magical nightstand. I bow down to those who transform yarn, glue and cardboard into magnificent mobiles. But that’s just not me. So when I was on my quest for cute barstools for our little abode, I hesitated when Meagan suggested I just buy some from Target and spray paint them a high lacquered white. Could I do that? It turns out, yes, I am at least capable of spray painting something (thank god), and low and behold I’m capable of taking it even one step further: dipping spray painted object into metallic gold paint.

All of this is to say that if I can do this craft, so can you. It’s a super easy technique and one that can be applied to almost any ho-hum chair or table you have lying around in a variety of colors (how great would peach + rose gold or turquoise + gold be?). I do have some product suggestions though and a bit of instructional guidance before you get started. You ready?

What you’ll need
Wooden stool
Paint primer
High lacquered spray paint in the color of your choice
2 containers Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint Specialty Finish (available at Home Depot in the Martha Stewart section), in color of choice (I used Golden Pearl). I used 2 containers and you can see how high up the gold went on the legs of my barstools. Get more if you want more gold!
1 tall disposable container to dip the legs into (I used a Solo cup)
Some kind of furniture stopper, whether real or homemade, to place on the bottom of the legs to prevent gold paint from drying the stools to the ground

1. Create a work station for yourself so you don’t get spray paint on the ground; lay out old newspaper or cardboard to make space to work.
2. Turn stool upside down so it’s top is resting on the ground to begin priming. Coat stool thoroughly in primer.
3. With stool face side down, spray stools with lacquered paint. I did two full coats.
4. As stools are still upside down, place stoppers on the bottoms of the legs. This is so when you lift the finished stools up, the cardboard or newspaper they’re sitting on doesn’t stick to the legs which means more work for you as you pick off every little piece and repaint part of the bottom. Make sure they’re on firmly! Don’t want them to come off during the dip.
5. Turn stool over and prime and paint the top of the stool.
6. When stools are dry (this might take overnight), in a tall, disposable container (like a Solo cup), pour all of the metallic Martha Stewart paint. Dip each leg into the paint twice and set down to let dry.

Note: Painting the metallic on by hand does not work nearly as well; by dipping, you get a much thicker and consistent coat. If you want more gold on the legs, I recommend either using a taller, thinner container to hold the paint or to buy one more container of metallic paint, as noted in materials section.

Let me know if any of you end up making these in different color combinations! Would love to see.


  • Rachel  / 

    love these! If anything, it is because they they are simple with a little surprise. not overly crafted with tissue paper and inside out quilt square seat cushions.


  • Yelle  / 

    I absolutely love this! Wonderful way to take a tired item and make it brand new and contemporary!


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