January 3, 2013

Love List // Getting Organized

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I don’t know about you, but one of my goals for 2013 was to get more organized. It started with a trip to The Container Store (which was amazing!) and after just a few purchases it’s incredible how much more with-it I feel. Here are a few of the things I’ve picked up for staying on top of it in the new year.

1. Day Planner: I always need a really big day planner, especially with the myriad meetings, client deadlines and shoots going on. It’s really important to keep your ducks in a row and this is the surest way to do it. Last year I used one from Graphic Image, which has been great, but when I spied this mint green number I had to have it. This planner by Cavallini dedicates an entire page to each day. If you have a 9-5, this probably isn’t necessary, but if you’re a freelance or contract worker I really recommend it.

2. Mail Organizer: I have a big love of dachsunds and this guy caught my eye. Perfect for bills, invoices and sweet notes.

3. Monthly Calendar: For me it helps to have a daily planner where I can write in nitty gritty details like appointments and to-do’s and then a bigger picture calendar that helps me remember looming deadlines, upcoming plans and mostly gives me a good idea of how busy my month is going to be and if I can take on anything more.

4. We all need a notepad. Rifle’s are the prettiest around. I use this one above at the studio and this one at home.

5. USB stick: When the utilitarian becomes an adorable accessory.

6. I spied these folders at Anthropologie (I think they’re in-store only) and had to get them. Keep your desk cheery and well-organized with this simple set.


  • Nomadic D.  / 

    Hmm… daily planner PLUS monthly calendar? I think my brain just exploded. And it makes such sense!



  • Sun Connor  / 

    Happy 2013!

    I’m really digging the mail organizer. Cute and functional. Thanks for sharing! ☼


  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Nomadic D—the combo is essential! Highly recommended : )

    Sun—can’t resist a dachsund : )


  • Sandals  / 

    We need to be on the love list. <3


  • Vinyard Vines  / 

    Definitely caught our blogin’ eye. Like your style. Like Austin’s style.


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