January 11, 2013

New Style Column on Camille Styles

(Outtake from  first shoot for Pulling it Off on Camille Styles; photo by Go Forth Creative)

Excited to reveal something today that I’ve been working on the past few weeks: my new style column for Camille Styles! Each month I’ll be featuring a new Austin gal at one of my favorite spots in town in an on-trend piece that can be challenging to style—but not to worry! I’m giving you all the tips you need to Pull  It Off. I intend on featuring a wide variety of body types and styles so there’s a little something for everyone—I hope you find an item or two that you like.

I was sort of nervous about modeling for this first one—I’m so awkward in front of the camera! I also sometimes turn red whenever there is a lot of attention on me (or after a glass of wine, or when I’m excited or sometimes weirdly when I’m just hanging out alone) and I always worry that it’s going to happen during photo shoots : ) it’s a fear I’m getting over, thanks to increasing confidence and Photoshop, and luckily Chelsea took these and it was just us two so I was relaxed and had a lot of fun, despite the seemingly somber vibe above.

Head on over to Camille’s site to check it out and have a lovely weekend!


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