February 18, 2013

Healthy Habits

Get Healthy | Grown-up Shoes After years of trying to stick to a work out routine and truly eat a balanced diet, I feel like I’m starting to get a lot closer to these goals. At twenty seven I’m also realizing the reasons why it was probably hard to stick with the strict regimen  I’ve tried to develop for myself over the years:

There really wasn’t any need to do those things before. At twenty two I could (blissfully) eat whatever I wanted, so when I would try to “diet”or eat better it didn’t work because I didn’t really have any sort of goal in mind I was just thinking “I should diet! Everyone else is doing it.” It reminds me of Mean Girls when Regina says “I need to lose three pounds.” What? No you don’t. I see now that dieting for the sake of losing weight isn’t sustainable (which is why you’re only supposed to do it for a fixed amount of time), but eating a delicious, well-balanced diet is. It can even be fun and delicious with the right recipes and a little research.

Likewise with exercise: I’ve taken boot camps, pilates, cardio kickboxing, yoga, but none of it has ever stuck. I realize now that I’m the kind of person who needs variety in their workouts. I’m not going to sustainably get up every morning and go do the same thing. I just can’t! But now a mix of yoga classes, jogs, trips to the gym and walks with friends create a fun and varied schedule for me to get in the physical activity I need.

Here’s what I use and rely on to get and stay healthy: delicious healthy recipes, reliable gear and (obviously) fun clothing and accessories to make it all a little more rewarding (clockwise from top left):

Lululemon: If you’ve never been in here before you’re thinking: What’s up with that place? It’s true that it’s pricy and yes, the salesgirls are very energetic. But it’s sort of infectious and the clothes make working out really exciting. Go in and try anything on and I promise you’ll feel like a super-fit babe. Every single thing I’ve gotten is so flattering that I want to wear it all day long after I’m done at the gym. This top is a particular favorite—it doesn’t look like much online but try it on and I swear you’ll be hooked. They also frequently have items for sale in store and online.

Nathan Water Bottle Belt: I love this for runs over three miles.

The Dirty Dozen (image from this print on Etsy—love this in a kitchen): I have this bookmarked on my phone for when I’m grocery shopping. I like buying organic when possible, but it definitely gets expensive. This list helps me determine what’s best to buy organic and what’s okay to purchase conventional.

Green Ginger-Peach Smoothie: I love this before a yoga class or after a run. Sometimes my smoothies veer towards the milkshake side, but this one is nice and healthy: spinach, peaches, fresh ginger and a little honey. I promise it’s delish!

Towel for yoga: Any towel will do if your hands get slippery like mine on your mat.

Healthy Recipes: I’ve discovered that eating well is really just a matter of finding the right recipes for you. What do you like? What do you not like? It may sound obvious, but I think a lot of times in our attempts to eat healthfully we forget to take that into consideration. Do some research and makeover your favorite dishes with a healthier focus: add whole grains, lean proteins, double the vegetables and serve with a nice big salad on the side. This quinoa salad hits all the right notes for me with some of my favorite ingredients, plus it’s easy to make.

The cutest water bottle: I try and keep bubbly water around so I drink more of it during the day, but a cute water bottle also helps to make the stuff a little more desirable. These are glass + silicone.

What do you do to stay healthy?


  • Nomadic D.  / 

    I always thought lululemon was ridiculously overpriced as well, until I tried one of their yoga jackets. I’m a total convert. And I agree about changing things up, while I initially love the structure of an exercise routie I quickly start to feel like it’s an obligation, but if I know I can switch it up and do yoga or go for a jog or go to ballet or go swimming, whatever I happen to feel like, then it’s much more sustainable. I recently joined a new pool here and am just loving swimming! My main new health thing that I’m trying out though is acupuncture, I’ve only been to a few sessions but I’m totally intrigued. The idea of holistic health is incredibly appealing.



  • Anna  / 

    I love this post as a year ago I became a real convert and started exercising a lot and living healthy (for me this included becoming a vegetarian). I started blogging about just that, to help keep me accountable but these days I go running even in snow and heavy rain because I feel like I need it.
    I absolutely love the glass water bottle, that particular one has been on my wishlist for a while now. I`m also dying to try Lululemon, but we don`t have stores in this part of Europe so I will have to wait for a trip to a city where they have one. And smoothies I have been drinking like crazy in the past, with oats, frozen berries, milk and peanut butter – that`s my favorite combination.


  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Nomadic D—Still haven’t tried acupuncture! I’m trying to get Adam to go because his back sometimes bothers him and it seems like that could be a good cure. Report back and let me know how the results are!

    Anna—I’ve been meaning to try out an oat and strawberry smoothie. Peanut butter sounds like the perfect protein addition! Gonna have to make this soon : )



  • Kelsy  / 

    Ana, thanks for sharing the dirty dozen! I generally use thickness of peel as a rule of thumb when deciding what to buy conventional/organic, but I liked reading more specifics.


  • Jess | the Jess Journals  / 

    I need that yoga towel! My hands are always slipping forward – it’s the most annoying thing. Thanks for sharing! :)


  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Kelsy—I rely on it! Happy to share:)

    Jess—I know! In my last class the teacher came over and put a towel under my hands and it made such a difference. For now I’m just taking small wash cloths but one day I’ll splurge on this swanky Lulu version:)


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    Super Cute. Love Healthy eats.


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