February 19, 2013

Portfolio Sneak Peek

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I’ve been promising myself for a long time to get my portfolio up this spring, and it looks like it just might happen. I’ve been so lucky to get as many freelance projects as I have, and it’s been incredibly fun getting to work with so many different clients and friends as I get more into graphic and design and styling. Getting this portfolio up will feel amazing. I’m fortunate right now to really have all the work I can handle at the moment, but I’m excited to get this up just as a collection of everything I’ve been doing for the last year and to say “I did it!”

Here’s a little about each of these projects above (more to come on each project in the near future):

Hemlock & Heather is custom made furniture from right here in Austin! Can’t wait to tell you more about this incredible local business.
Loot Vintage Rentals is run by my two friends Anna and Rhoda and this is an invitation for their party this Thursday at their new warehouse. Can’t wait!
This last photo is a snapshot from Dorothy and Mike’s wedding—an event that I was honored to style and cannot wait to show you more of!

Photos from my instagram and Loot.



  • Marygrace  / 

    Loot is awesome, I LOVE the spots for the date and number stamps.


  • Rachel  / 

    How fun to get a telegram like that?!

    Can’t wait to see your portfolio- sometimes you don’t even realize how much you have done until you see it all together in one place!


  • Grown-up Shoes :: Blog, Vintage Shop, and Styling :: Austin, Texas  / 

    […] friends at Loot had their warehouse party last night and it was such a hit! Remember the invite I made for them? These are their plates, above, and there were stacks and stacks of them in their […]

  • Ana Perkins  / 

    Thanks girls!! It was a fun card to make:) and excited to unveil the portfolio!


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