February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day Playlist

Valentine's Playlist | Grown-up Shoes
I’ve been listening to this list for the last three weeks trying to get it right. Songs are such a personal preference, but I think there are some that come around that are so incredibly special and universally loved that they supersede musical preference or time gone by; The Classics.

I tried to capture some of them on this list as well as include some newer favorites. Here’s a little about why these jams are special to me and where to get the mix:

Adam and I were at a Spoon show listening to I Summon You when he asked me to be his girlfriend! As I recall it was because I had been chatting with some other young gentleman and Adam didn’t take to that so well (which was great because I was just doing it to get his attention—nice, Ana), which then prompted him to ask me to be his girlfriend, which means that my plan totally worked. So just take note of that tactic if you’re in a new relationship.

Oh Yoko and Don’t Worry Baby are favorites that Adam’s put on my playlists over the years. I hadn’t ever heard Oh Yoko before 2010! How is that possible? Don’t Worry Baby is one of those that makes me weak whenever it starts playing. I just love it.

Friends of ours danced to You Got It as their first dance song at their wedding and the whole room just about melted. It was just one guy and a guitar and it was so beautiful—the lyrics are really sweet when you strip them down like that: “I live my life to be with you”— doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Candice danced to Crazy Love at her wedding (also the first time I had heard that song!) and it was another tearjerker. The perfect song for them and the perfect night.

What are your favorite love songs? Did they make the list?

Listen to this month’s playlist right here.

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    Happy to have find this today. Real good mix, Ana.


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