May 1, 2013

May Desktop Calendar

May Desktop Calendar |

┬áHope your May is off to a sweet start! First things first: click here to download this month’s calendar. And secondly:

What are your goals for May?

I find myself trying to be much more present lately, to focus more on what I have and less on what I want or don’t have. I heard an interview with everyone’s favorite Austinite Willie Nelson recently (have I told you I sat next to him at Polvo’s once?!) and he said that as he’s aged, the best thing he’s done for himself is to simply become more optimistic, to spend less time thinking about potential negative outcomes and more time appreciating what he’s got. Lately, it’s felt good to give myself permission to be exactly who I am: not to try and be the best (what is that, anyway?) or to force someone else’s expectations onto myself, but to just be me, with all of the possibilities, limitations, flaws and delight that it entails. It’s a simple concept, but one I’m just now getting comfortable with.

So: here’s to a May of fresh flowers, cold spring cocktails and celebrating Mama (Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12!) and being present enough to enjoy all the sweet moments to come. xo


  • Chelsea  / 

    Thanks for sharing, I love this sweet desktop background! I’ll definitely be using it for the month of May.

    Chelsea & The City


  • Hanna  / 

    Thanks for this great desktop background!

    I’m really excited for the month of May, there are so many great things happening at the moment: I’ll spend a few days in France (maybe even Paris?), there are so many public holidays, I might finally find the time to open my etsy shop and the weather is finally better and warmer…I think this is going to be the best month of the year!

    Have a good week! xx


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