May 13, 2013

Playlist // May 2013

may 2013 playlist |

Can I tell you why I loved making this playlist?

It’s so fun and dreamy and totally getting me in the summer spirit. If you haven’t heard the new Daft Punk + Pharrell yet, just stop whatever you’re doing and have a listen now. Such a great summer song! The new Phoenix made it on here (they’re one of my favorites) and I had to put Family of the Year on twice because I couldn’t choose between La Croix and Hero…I think Hero is my favorite new song right now. Have you heard it? It’s pretty mellow and definitely the most serious song on this list, but I just love it. The last song, Forever by Youngblood Hawke is so, so sweet and just makes me smile to hear it. What’s on your playlist right now?

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