August 14, 2013

Giving Back // Back to School

Giving Back |

(hilarious photo of me graduating college—photog unknown;)

Sometimes I think I have a long day—a project takes longer than expected; a deadline is creeping up—and then I talk to my friend Jenny. Jenny is a social worker and works in community support for low income children who have severe mental health issues.

I am endlessly inspired and in awe of her generosity, patience and pure ability to do the work she does everyday and it reminds me that even my “long days” aren’t really that long. So when Jenny sent me a request from her work to send a backpack to a child right here in Central Texas who will otherwise not have a backpack to take to school this year (man, just think about the social implications of that in addition to the practical ones) I was moved once again by her thoughtfulness and wanted to share this opportunity with you.

Here’s all you need to do to make sure a Central Texas child in need gets a backpack from you for the upcoming school year!

1. Order this backpack in any color EXCEPT red or blue for only $16.10 + Free Shipping
2. Have it mailed to:

Attn: Jenny Gilbert
1717 W 10th Street
Austin, TX 78703

Jenny and her coworkers will be handing these out to the kids on August 2oth—make sure yours is in the bunch for a lucky kiddo! I just ordered mine and it estimated arrival for next week, so even if it’s a few days late I think it will still make it to a very happy child in time for school. Thank you!!


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