January 15, 2014

Austin Blogshop!

Backdrop by Trilby Nelson for Blogshop Austin | grownupshoes.com

Loot Vintage and Bird Dog Wedding for Blogshop Austin | grownupshoes.com

Photos from my Instagram;  backdrop by Trilby Nelson, furniture from Loot Vintage Rentals, floral and styling by Bird Dog Wedding

Putting Blogshop Austin together was so much fun since I got to work with all my friends. I just loved the way everything came together; it felt so Austin-y but not in an over-the-top Keep Austin Weird way, ya know? It was eclectic and colorful and a little bit hippie and folky with just the right hit of femininity. Special thanks to my pals Bird Dog Wedding, Loot Vintage Rentals and Trilby Nelson for doing such beautiful work.

And in case you haven’t heard, Blogshop is now offering the class online—a pretty incredible value and perfect for the gal looking to take her online presence to the next level.

PS: See more photos from the workshop on Design Love Fest!


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