March 18, 2014

Girls’ Trip to Marfa, Texas

Girls Trip to Marfa, Texas | Grown-up Shoes

(All images in this post from my instagram and the instagram accounts of Wynn Myers, Kate LeSueur, Go Forth Creative and Oh! Fox Vintage. See more under #ThatsWhatILikeAboutTexasz. Above, our successful treasure hunt for tumbleweeds, which we all decided we needed to take home.)

This past Friday morning I woke up when the stars were still out and met four friends to get an early start on the road to Marfa, Texas. If you’ve never been to or heard of Marfa before, it’s a really special town in the middle of west Texas that is home to some of the most beautiful art, furniture, interiors and landscapes in our lovely state. It has a magical quality to it that draws you in and a peacefulness that makes you want to return. We had the best time! Stayed in the best place, ate the best food. I’d love to tell you all about it.

Girls Trip to Marfa, Texas | Grown-up Shoes

We stayed in The Love House which Chelsea found and it was perfect for us. There are a lot of great places to stay in Marfa, but this house was ideal for a girls’ trip. It was big and beautiful with a great kitchen and dining table and we were able to cook, lounge and make cocktails all weekend long.

Girls Trip to Marfa, Texas | Grown-up Shoes

Kate is the best cook and made us some wonderful meals to eat around this table. One of my favorite things she made was a sort of euro salsa verde—she took the tops of some carrots (something I would normally throw away) and chopped them up, added salt and pepper, lemon juice, good olive oil, salt cured capers and scallions and mixed it all together and let it sit. Holy moly. We stirred it into our creamy risotto, spread it across a baguette slice with goat cheese, spooned it onto smoked fish and crispy crackers. It was genius and we ate like that all weekend. Can’t wait to make it myself!

Girls Trip to Marfa, Texas | Grown-up Shoes Girls Trip to Marfa | Grown-up Shoes

Love this photo that Wynn snapped of Candice and I outside of the Love House. Apparently day drinking makes us really into peace signs…?:-)

Girls Trip to Marfa | Grown-up Shoes Girls Trip to Marfa, Texas | Grown-up Shoes

Chelsea and Wynn went on an escapade to explore El Cosmico, the stylish camping grounds designed by Bunkhouse, known for Hotel San Jose and St. Cecilia in Austin and Hotel Havana in San Antonio.

Girls Trip to Marfa, Texas | Grown-up Shoes

Though there’s only a handful of stores in Marfa, they’re all wonderful. Love this one that Candice snapped of Tienda M.

Girls Trip to Marfa, Texas | Grown-up Shoes Girls Trip to Marfa, Texas | Grown-up Shoes

Cast and Crew was another favorite, and we all fell in love with their cat Juna, above. She had the most beautiful face. Chelsea got her pre-jump here, and I love this photo that Kate took of their deer with the Willie Nelson ish braids. Such a fun shop!

One of our absolute favorites was Garza. I bought a small rug and some beautiful big pillows, and they have the coolest leather furniture that I swear I’ll go back to buy one day. Check out this gorgeous leather cot—we had one in The Love House and were oohing and ahhing over it all weekend. It really is worth the trip out there just to go to Garza and get some really special pieces for your house. The shop is by appointment only so make sure to call and set up a time before heading over.

Girls Trip to Marfa, Texas | Grown-up Shoes

We really had the best time. I love that on girl trips you talk about almost everything. Between two 7-hour drives and lots of time together in Marfa, no subject was left unturned. It’s so fun to talk, listen, problem-solve and laugh together in a place that feels just a little bit removed from everyday life. I love how even a short trip out of town can bring new inspiration and perspective to your world.

Hope you have an adventure or two planned soon!

Girls Trip to Marfa | Grown-up Shoes


  • sara @ the by & by  / 

    I loved seeing all the photos you girls were posting over the weekend! It looked like such a fun, relaxing weekend – there is nothing better than a road trip with friends!

    And I’ve been dying to go to Marfa for years and it just hasn’t happened yet, but now I want to go even more! : )


  • Cristina  / 

    That 2nd to last shot is so very Now and Then. Looks like a dream trip! xx


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