May 28, 2014

Weekend Trip to Port Aransas

Weekend Trip to Port Aransas | Grown-up Shoes

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For Memorial Day weekend we packed up the car and headed to Port Aransas for some sun, sand and salt water. Adam’s mom Kathryn has a lovely condo on the island, affectionately called the Lilly Pad, so we try to slip down at least once a summer to enjoy. We went with Bill and Meagan (two of our best friends and coincidentally Adam’s twin brother and his wife—great traveling set up, right?) and their sweet baby Evelyn who is almost one year old.

I’d love to show you some of our photos and tell you all about our short but fun trip!

Weekend Trip to Port Aransas | Grown-up Shoes

For beach day, we like to set up one of those big EZ tents, which although not exactly easy to set up with the wind blowing and the sun beating down (I  joke with Adam that putting that thing together is a real test of our relationship…but seriously…), provides a lot of shade once it’s set up. We take a couple of beach chairs from Academy and a big cooler full of light beers and beach snacks. This time we made some turkey spinach wraps and I brought some guacamole from Central Market for chip dipping. It’s great to bring down a lunch to the beach so you can stay as long as you’d like without having to leave for food!

Weekend Trip to Port Aransas | Grown-up Shoes

There was a wall of seaweed between us and the beach. We had to dig for probably 20 minutes to make our little pathway to the water, but it was worth it. We have so much fun once we’re out there, a little seaweed won’t get us down. Weekend Trip to Port Aransas | Grown-up Shoes

Weekend Trip to Port Aransas | Grown-up Shoes

Isn’t Evelyn’s beach outfit cute? Meagan always dresses her in the most adorable baby clothes. Adam and Bill had fun playing with her in the water, and she played with the sand from the safety of this colorful blanket.

For dinner both nights we cooked at home with fish and shrimp that we bought locally and some produce from our JBG CSA box that we brought down. Cooking dinner was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I love mixing up a cocktail and cooking a leisurely, delicious dinner on vacation. We made snapper baked with lemon + green beans with bacon + roasted potatoes and onions one night and shrimp tacos with cabbage/carrot/lime slaw +  smoky chipotle crema the second night. When we do go out to eat on the island, our favorite place is Shell’s and we also love Virginia’s for their view of the water, fried fish sandwiches and pina coladas.

The second morning of our trip, Adam and Bill went to play golf at the Palmilla Beach Resort while Meagan and I made breakfast tacos, hung out with Evelyn and mixed up some morning micheladas. The condo has a beautiful view of the ship channel so we like to sit and watch the boats and dolphins swim by from the deck. So relaxing.

Weekend Trip to Port Aransas | Grown-up Shoes

Selfie with a baby!:-) Hope y’all had a beautiful weekend!


  • Rachel  / 

    Sounds like a great weekend, and a fun dynamic of group/couple/girlfriend time! Looks like cute Evelyn is reaching for your drink 😉


  • Candice  / 

    Drinking cocktails while making dinner is one of my favorite things too! But your menu sounds tops! Love it !!


  • Meagan  / 

    Such fun! We’re going again tomorrow, right??


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