September 10, 2013

September Playlist

September Playlist |

Had to do something fun with this quote from September’s playlist. It’s such a sweet song and one that sort of pushes you to float out of your own life a little bit when you hear it. I had a tough time choosing between this line from Kat Edmonson and a line from City and Colour that goes “While I’m off chasing my own dreams and sailing around the world, please know that I’m yours to keep, my beautiful girl.” Aw. I’m also really obsessed with Haim’s The Wire, also on here; I saw someone on Twitter describe it the other day as “a Shania Twain cover of an Eagles song.” So good. And obviously Royals by Lorde made the cut. Wanna listen? Link + full playlist after the jump.

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March 14, 2013

SXSW 2013 Playlist

SXSW 2013 Playlist
I love SXSW. For a few days out of each year, right as we’re turning the corner to spring and the air gets a little warmer, our city becomes one big show. I love the feeling of walking around downtown or the east side, a two-beer-buzz kicking in, and finding some free show to watch with a band I’ve never heard before. I love running into old friends on the street and hearing all the tourists rave about these crazy delicious things called breakfast tacos. It’s hilarious and always fun.

For this year, I put together a playlist of my favorite songs from some of the best bands that are coming to SXSW. It was really fun to make this list and discover lots of new music I’ve never heard before. I love this playlist! It’s gotta be one of my favorites. Here’s the full list as well as a link so you can listen:

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February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day Playlist

Valentine's Playlist | Grown-up Shoes
I’ve been listening to this list for the last three weeks trying to get it right. Songs are such a personal preference, but I think there are some that come around that are so incredibly special and universally loved that they supersede musical preference or time gone by; The Classics.

I tried to capture some of them on this list as well as include some newer favorites. Here’s a little about why these jams are special to me and where to get the mix:

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January 17, 2013

Playlist // Jams from 2012

(Pattern background by Robin Sheldon)

When it comes to music, I’m admittedly not very cool. I enjoy contemporary country (Tim McGraw), 103.1 (plays mostly Montell Jordan and The Bee Gees) and I like almost every Flo Rida song that comes out (embarrassing, I know).  While I’m working, I listen to pretty good stuff, but I’ve never been good at finding new music.  Thankfully though, Adam loves good music and finding smaller, unknown artists. Our first date was to a Passion Pit show less than a month after they released Manners—obviously I had no idea who we were going to see. When we first started dating he’d make me cd’s and now he makes me playlists on Spotify. It’s a pretty good set up I’ve got, and I have every intention of sharing those benefits with you. This playlist is 100% Adam (way less girly than my own) and it’s some of his favorite songs, a lot of them pretty under the radar, from 2012.

I have a special affinity for the first song on this list (check out the beautiful, simple video here). When we were in Vancouver on our trip this past summer, Adam and I were taking a nap in the loft upstairs; we had a beautiful, big window that was open and it was sunny and lovely and we woke up to the sound of piano coming from downstairs. It was so pleasant—peaceful and dreamy. The exact melody with which you’d want to wake up from a nap in a sunny room in a neighborhood filled with roses and roundabouts. Of course it was this song that Bill was playing downstairs and it was the perfect way to hear it for the first time.

Oh and check out the last one, Emmylou. Another one of my favorites (probably because it’s the only slightly girly song on here).

Listen to the playlist here.

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November 16, 2012

November Playlist

(“Untitled” (Last Light) by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, 1993)

This month’s playlist is a mash up of some of my favorite calm, dreamy music and other songs I associate with this time of year. When my friend Alex and I moved into our first off-campus apartment in New York, I listened to Magic Numbers and M.Ward almost exclusively, so it felt right to put a Magic Numbers song on here. Have you hear the new Bloc Party? I really love the song that I put on this list from their new stuff. And the new Balmorhea!! Such great stuff and my family and I used to go out to Balmorhea state park every year for Thanksgiving so the name of the band has a special place in my heart. Bon Iver, old Band of Horses and Explosions in the Sky all have the right vibe for this cold and slow moving time of year. I love it and I hope you do too. Take a listen right here. And have a great weekend!

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