May 19, 2014

Pretty & Polished


I went on a little bit of a nail polish spree last time I went to the grocery store. I haven’t bought any in so long I kind of went bananas! These are my favorites from what I picked up. I think it’s nice to have some neutrals mixed with statement colors for a nice manicure/pedicure contrast. I’d totally pair a navy manicure with a peach pedicure for a more polished look, and the magenta and gold combo for a trip to the beach. Will you be wearing any of these colors this summer?

Details and where to buy below.

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May 14, 2014


Lately | Grown-up Shoes

Sometimes I struggle to write blog posts because I feel like they have to make so much sense. Every post must have a color scheme, copy that brings the graphic to life and purpose. It can feel like a tall order on a Sunday night or weekday morning. So I’ve decided to make a new column based solely on what I’m loving and doing right now, even if the topics are a bit disjointed: the new recipe I’m cooking, the new hairstyles I’m wearing to work, the book I can’t put down. I was inspired by this column from Sarah at Note to Self (one of my favorite blogs and bloggers) and I wanted to try my own spin on it.

So for the first one: everything I bought online sale shopping this weekend from Madewell and Anthro (woah it was a lot) + much more after the jump…including an Anthro pop-up shop in Austin Thursday!

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New Blog Layout!

New Blog Layout! | Grown-up Shoes

Hi friends! I’m super excited to show y’all the updated Grown-up Shoes that Chelsea and I have been working so hard on for the past few months. We started this redesign in October and just finished it in March before turning the keys over to Sean to work his developer magic.

I’d love to show y’all some of our initial rounds of design that got us to the current layout!

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April 22, 2014

On Leaving NYC

New York | Grown-up Shoes

(photo by Ty French—so many great photos!)

Even though I left New York six years ago when I graduated from college, I still get the question “Do you miss it?” almost always when I tell someone that I lived there. I think it seems natural that I would; New York is so busy, so beautiful, so romantic—especially if you’ve never lived there:) And while there are some big things that I miss, funnily enough…

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April 9, 2014

One Girl, Two Wishlists

girlygirl (I loved reading everyone’s responses to the post with the new Grown-up Shoes artwork! It’s been really fun to hear everyone’s thoughts on the process. Thank you for sharing!)

Do you ever feel that there is more than one version of yourself, stylistically speaking? I think the most personal styles are created through a combination of a few different vibes. Maybe you’re preppy and eclectic; minimal and tomboy; trendy and polished. I find myself most often gravitating towards two distinct styles: a ladylike look with soft colors, feminine silhouettes and sweet accessories or a bohemian vibe with looser shapes, more prints, statement jewelry and eclectic accessories.

Wishlist | Grown-up Shoes

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