February 17, 2014

I Ran a Half Marathon!

Let's Move! | Grown-up Shoes

Ballet Dancers Rehearse, by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1936

On Sunday morning I woke up around 5 AM, along with 18,000 other people, and ran 13.1 miles. It was the furthest I’ve ever run by a full four miles! The first time our group met to train, about seven months ago, we ran two miles and I thought I was going to keel over. It was so hard! I’d love to tell you more about the training, why I now love waking up early and running on Saturdays, and how it totally changed my approach to exercise and fitness.

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February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be Mine! | by Grown-up Shoes

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know it’s a corny holiday, but I’ve always loved this day. I love handing out cards and eating chocolates and laughing at the silly messages written on those Sweetheart candies.

Do you have anything fun planned today or tonight? I’ll be at an offsite all day for work as we plan out next photo shoot for an upcoming line, and then Adam and I are heading to our favorite sushi restaurant up by our house for a low key night of sake and rolls. We’ll probably also finish Breaking Bad tonight—we’re totally addicted! I can’t believe it’s almost over, but I’m slightly relieved because I get so stressed out when I watch it:)

Wishing you a very happy day!

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February 12, 2014

Mociun Custom Work

Mociun Custom Rings

Swooning over this custom work by Catilin Mociun. It’s so playful and unexpected! It’s fun to think about the woman who’s wearing one of these right now. Where does she live and how does she dress?

Do you like funky jewelry like this or do you think of yourself as more of a traditionalist when it comes to jewels?

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February 10, 2014

Finding a New Balance

Finding Balance | Grown-up Shoes

(Gorgeous photo from *Nishe on Flickr; she has so many other pretty ones to check out)

Oh, hello again!

The past few weeks have been a little nutty with the new job (which I’m loving!), a rough cold and wrapping up some freelance work in my free time. It’s sort of wild how quickly the days go by now.

I wake up most days at 6:30 to answer Grown-up Shoes emails, stretch a little and do small freelance things like send files or email with the web developer of a project. It’s really hard to get up that early, but once I’m up, I feel great and answering emails makes me feel productive, especially because they’re usually fun and nice to read. I love having my tea, making breakfast and listening to NPR before work so I try and give myself a full hour to do that and get dressed  (7:30-8:30).

Then I go to work and typically get home no later than 7 or 7:30, when I start dinner and just hang out with Adam or go to my parent’s house to see them or meet up with a friend for a drink. I really try hard to keep the evenings as personal time to relax and unwind. No computer, no email checking.

It can feel very regimented, especially coming from the more loosely scheduled freelance world I was in before. It’s my goal to use some of my free time wisely and effectively, and to let some of it just be time to rest, relax and play so there’s a good balance. I’ve come up with a few tricks to do just that and I’d love to hear yours too.

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January 20, 2014

What I’m Eyeing for Spring

Spring Wishlist | Grown-up Shoes

As much as I love colder temperatures and  pulling on my favorite sweaters, this last week I’ve been craving Spring. I’m ready for the sun to be out past 6 PM, to sit on a porch with a Modelo and to wear my clogs without socks. And since I’m in an office these days (a really fun one!), I’m eyeing pieces that can go from meetings to margaritas in a flash.  Here’s everything I’m eyeing right now, a few things I’ve already bought:

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January 15, 2014

Austin Blogshop!

Backdrop by Trilby Nelson for Blogshop Austin | grownupshoes.com

Loot Vintage and Bird Dog Wedding for Blogshop Austin | grownupshoes.com

Photos from my Instagram;  backdrop by Trilby Nelson, furniture from Loot Vintage Rentals, floral and styling by Bird Dog Wedding

Putting Blogshop Austin together was so much fun since I got to work with all my friends. I just loved the way everything came together; it felt so Austin-y but not in an over-the-top Keep Austin Weird way, ya know? It was eclectic and colorful and a little bit hippie and folky with just the right hit of femininity. Special thanks to my pals Bird Dog Wedding, Loot Vintage Rentals and Trilby Nelson for doing such beautiful work.

And in case you haven’t heard, Blogshop is now offering the class online—a pretty incredible value and perfect for the gal looking to take her online presence to the next level.

PS: See more photos from the workshop on Design Love Fest!

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January 13, 2014

The Art of Vintage Cocktails

Danielle Kroll, The Art of Vintage Cocktails

I love finding people who’s work I connect with and checking in with them over the months and years to see what’s new. I posted about Danielle Kroll in 2013 and then reached out to her about sending her Sweet Macaroon Cards to New York Blogshop later last year. I’ve loved her work since I first saw it so it’s no surprise that her latest illustrations for this cute book, The Art of Vintage Cocktails , have me all atwitter. I’m ordering two copies of this; one for myself and one for my next hostess gift! Don’t you think this would be so cute on a coffee table?

Click here to order The Art of Vintage Cocktails by Stephanie Rosenbaum with illustrations by Danielle Kroll

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